Why a virtual assistant could be right for you

Before spending hard earned cash on a recruitment ad and hiring and training a physical assistant, why not explore the possibility of outsourcing your administration work to a virtual office assistant?  Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to give it a try as they believe a full time member of staff is the only option.  However, this is not always the best or most cost effective option- at least not when you are starting out.

A virtual assistant is the answer to many people’s problems, and brings advantages with it that can’t be gained from employing full time staff.  Advantages, that give you the ability to utilise your time more effectively becoming more productive.

So, what do you get from a virtual assistant?  Practically speaking, a virtual assistant can do anything that doesn’t involve their physical presence.  They can answer telephone calls and make calls on your behalf,  screen your emails and respond on your behalf, perform market research, carry out telemarketing for your business, schedule and confirm appointments, create invoices and track payments and help to overcome your ever growing administrative pile.  Virtual assistants can be employed flexibly, therefore you only pay for the hours that you need.  Due to high dependency on technology, almost all business transactions are conducted via email or telephone, therefore it doesn’t really matter where your assistant is located, as no-one will know the difference, and more importantly your business will maintain a professional image.

When employing a virtual assistant you don’t have to consider unnecessary overheads, personnel problems, payroll, word processing, learning new software, office space or working with temping agencies.  Instead, you will have gained an experienced professional, who frees up your time to spend on what you do best and at a price that you can afford.