I have no hesitation in recommending the Virtual Office Services that Roisin provides. Why? Well for example when I am not in my office incoming phone calls are automatically directed to Roisin's office. Roisin answers: "Hello...KE ISO Consultancy How can I Help You". From that first contact the customer recognises KE ISO Consultancy to be professional. Over the last year there have been at least a dozen calls that have been answered by Roisin when I was away from the office which lead to work. One call resulted in a contract worth over £4,560. I shudder to think if those calls had not been answered. Or I had taken the risk of such an important customer leaving a message. As a business you can't ignore the fact that most first time callers will not leave a message on the answering machine. Overall getting the support from the virtual office makes your business more professional and more profitable.


George McDonald | KE ISO Consultancy

After I moved to Northern Ireland from England two years ago. North West Business Services NI made the transition much easier for both my business and myself, as I am constantly on the go. It is nice to have the assurance of timely mail sorting and correspondence support at home. I would recommend anyone with a small business that needs virtual office management to use your services.


Dr Niall Nicholson | Author

The Virtual Office has provided us with a reliable and professional service, that has given me the opportunity to concentrate on building my business, rather than worrying about the administration issues. I would highly recommend the North West Business Services NI to anyone who is looking for excellent administration support at affordable prices.


Ronan McCullagh | Gemini Retail Security